creative studio of Vladislav Vinckovskij

vladvin (Vladislav Vinckovskij) Lithuanian designer, producer and entrepreneur of Slavic origin who lives in Tallinn (Estonia)

Vladislav Vinckovskij was born in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in 1990, not long before the proclamation of Lithuania's independence from the USSR. Since school years, selflessly drew and photographed with Zenith-E camera, along with writing stories and poems. Early enough, realizing all the flaws in traditional education, Vladislav preferred to do self-evocation, reading the books he considered necessary to read brazenly disregarding the school curriculum. Often this happened on a bench while having a thermos full of tea, at some ancient cemetery of Vilnius, where Vlad loved to walk and even arranged first dates there.

Early in 2009, Vladislav organized a debut photo exhibition in Vilnius called 'Looking absently through the window' and other ones followed it. In 2011 having graduated from middle school he fooled around for two years, and then Vlad started studying at the Department of Graphic Design in Vilnius College of Technology and Design. During his studies, he participated in the international exchange program "Erasmus" twice: in 2012, when he was studying at the Velikytyrnovsky University named after St. Cyril and Methodius (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) and in 2013 he was an intern in the advertising company Arte Verum Studio (Tallinn, Estonia)

Being in the third year, Vlad became interested in media and journalism. In the fall of 2013 this new hobby led him as an intern to the Lithuanian TV channel LRT KULTŪRA. Participating in TOCHKA.RU Republican contest of young journalists, Vlad won prizes in the following categories: "The best idea of the media project" "Television" "Photo" and "Printed Media".

In the summer of 2014, immediately after the successful presentation of the diploma, without money and any coherent plans for the future, Vlad deliberately collected his backpack and went to the beloved Tallinn which felt like home, and where he settled in the loft studio at the former toy factory.

In the middle of 2015, Vlad begins to record a series of programs about the cultural and historical phenomena of the Baltic States, one of which was awarded at the 52nd Festival of Non-Commercial Films of the Republic of Estonia. In 2016, with the support of the Lithuanian Institute of Culture, Vladislav translated the story "The Last Train" by the Lithuanian writer Jurga Ivanauskaite, whose work he had been fond of since his student days, into Russian. In 2017, together with the computer genius Maxim Norkin, Vlad founded W17 studio specializing in the provision of advertising and IT services. vladvin travels a lot, he is open to the world, loves risky ventures and promising undertakings. If you feel a connection to your spirit Vlad will be happy to talk to you, and maybe go into joint adventures around this crazy world :-)