vladvin and his creative team offer the following types of services:


  • creation of a logo
  • development of corporate style
  • development of infographics
  • creation of illustrations
  • design of book covers
  • design of a musical disk
  • design of outdoor advertising
  • design of web environment


  • aerial photography
  • fashion photo shoots
  • advertising photography
  • subject photography
  • portrait photography
  • reportage photography
  • retouching and photomontage
  • creating photo panorama


  • script creation
  • preparation of storyboards
  • filming management
  • flycam (aerial video shooting)
  • timelapse shooting
  • hyper-lapse shooting
  • reportage video shooting
  • video editing


  • Producing projects
  • Media planning
  • Establishing media contacts
  • Image creation and correction
  • Organizing events
  • Copywriting
  • Promotion in social media
  • Promotion of video clips

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